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by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 17:49
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Can't open on mac
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Re: Can't open on mac

Hey Plaket, The different downloads can be found at This Linked Page - You can easily see which ones are for Mac OSX. You shouldn't need anything else but that. The first 3 downloads include the patcher for the game. The patcher will update the game whenever you launch it. The other 3 downloads are ...
by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 15:39
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: name creation
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Re: name creation

Hey Azazel,

Please check your PMs here on the forum. :)

by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 15:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Few Newbie Questions Please help.
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Re: Few Newbie Questions Please help.

Hey ProtosX, Just to add some things to what Z4ipher mentioned above: 1) While there is technically no safe zone, if a new player gets attacked when at a dojo or workshop they will get 30s of invulnerability. So, you could use that as a form of protection as a newer player. 2) What Z4ipher said, bas...
by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 15:18
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Can't create character
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Re: Can't create character

Hello folks! Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues. We'd like us to give you a bit more information if possible so we have a better understanding of the problem. Do you already have an existing character, and you're seeing a 'Create a Character' button and trying to create a second one? As you ca...
by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 15:14
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Download Link not opening
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Re: Download Link not opening

Hello eXiable,

If the tumblr links aren't working for you, please try out these:

Hopefully those should work for you. :)

by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 15:12
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Can't Create Character and no Email Verification
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Re: Can't Create Character and no Email Verification

Hey Exrotz, Regarding your character issue - have you tried restarting the patcher and then attempting that again? Please do, if you haven't done that yet. If it didn't help then please reach out to us via support and we'll have a look at that. Regarding your family member's case, we will need to ch...
by Darkstar
02 Dec 2016, 14:54
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Wrong Version
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Re: Wrong Version

Hello Zekex, Do you have the game Patcher? You can download it from here: Just select the one that fits your OS. It will update to the latest game version whenever you launch it. Otherwise you'll need to download the new Naked Client, but keep in mind you'll need to...
by Darkstar
28 Nov 2016, 17:09
Forum: News and Announcements
Topic: Patch Notes 0.44 Alpha
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Re: Patch Notes 0.44 Alpha

Stil' a bit scared with the rez mechanics that heavily favours zergs. It's almost impossible to gank while out numbered. Thanks for the feedback! Having considered this, we will put some effort into making ganking easier. We will do this with a change so that it isn't interrupted every time you get...
by Darkstar
27 Nov 2016, 20:52
Forum: News and Announcements
Topic: Patch Notes 0.45 Alpha
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Patch Notes 0.45 Alpha Dear Players, The update to the version 0.45 Alpha of the game will take place on Thursday, December 1st until 3:00 PM (CET). There will be a wipe and a short period of downtime during the update, we apologiz...
by Darkstar
18 Nov 2016, 20:00
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: List of Known Issues
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List of Known Issues

Dear Players, As the name of this thread might give it away, we will provide a list of all the currently known issues in The Exiled in this thread. In a sense this will be an overview where with a single glance you can find out if a potential problem you may have encountered is already known to us. ...

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