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by The_defender
27 Feb 2017, 19:27
Forum: Clan Recruiting
Topic: Wemtenga Warriors - [EU] Spring
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Re: Wemtenga Warriors - [EU] Spring

They are almost 50 in the clan, so i think you have guys on all day .
by The_defender
25 Feb 2017, 23:24
Forum: Help & Support
Topic: Clan glitching from jungle to north
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Re: Clan glitching from jungle to north

Hi, I know this bug too, and this clan also abuse of an another "bug" with spawn killing at tree during the capture of their land, with 2 man mass ganking you between 2 tree for like 45min so you can't play and better log off . if an admin send me private message i can tell him how they do...

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