Open PvP in a Small World: Our Policy on Griefing

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Open PvP in a Small World: Our Policy on Griefing

Postby dbltnk » 02 Jun 2015, 12:09

§1 Open PvP, Full Loot, No Restrictions
The Exiled is an Open PvP game with full loot. We will never restrict your ability to engage other players in PvP combat. We don't ask for your motivations either - you are free to attack anyone anywhere at any time. Just make sure to stay within the game's rules (no hacking, no bug-abusing) and our Code of Conduct.

§2 Griefing: Counter-productive but not Prohibited
Remember however, that this is a niche game with tiny game worlds and a small player population. A completely new player that gets ganked, clean-looted and mocked repeatedly has a big chance of leaving the game forever - before he can turn into a worthy opponent. But again: We as the developers won't stop griefing.

§3 Your Choice: Creating a Sustainable Environment
If you - as a player - see this unwated behaviour then you have the ability to make it stop. Grab some friends and hunt the griefers. Take their gear and raze their settlements. Take the newbie in and give him some mentoring and advice. You have all the tools available.

§4 Newbies: Find Friends
If you are new to the game then we can give you one advice: Find some friends. Talk to other players (even those that might have attacked you) in the game or in the forums. Learn from them. Grow stronger and more experienced. It's a tough world out there - but there are always friends to be found.

§5 Why we Think this is Important
Lots of people out there have been burned by Open PvP games before. They are angry and afraid of "how other people behave(d)". We think they should give the genre a second chance. We believe that the majority of players are both reasonable and friendly - even those of us who enjoy to "shoot first" and collect some trophies.

You are the ones who are going to make The Exiled a success as the most PvP-friendly Sandbox MMO of it's time. We believe in you. Let's do this together.


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