Ideas and Suggestions part I

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Ideas and Suggestions part I

Postby kiol » 25 Jul 2016, 13:18

First the Clan-System;

You relly need a to send messenges to members without having to be online everytime, as in a dashboard where you can write daily tasks, important changes and so on.
In this Dashboard could also be a System wich allows memebers to see the current standings between clans,

As well should you as a clan leader be able to see more about your memebers, than just if they are online or not.
I think being able to see their levels, what gear they wear, and from what account it is, would help.

There should be also more to appoint members to, as in a right hand leader, (we really need that, cause this game really punishes you if you are afk for 2 days, or cant play for a few days), and maybe other positions within the clan, so the clan can get a bit more structure.

Another Thing i think would really help is a Clan-Member Cap, since the game is pretty much over if a clan reaches critical mass.
The Memeber-Cap doesnt need to be a fixed value, maybe you can find a balance bewteen % out of the overall ammount of gamers on the server + a certain ammount of % of active and inactive players.
N(Ammount of Memebers) = T(Ammount of PLayers total) * {[(( A(ammoutn of Active PLayers) * (0.7 (the percentage of the Influence the active players ahve)) + ( B(Ammoutn of inactive PLayers) * (0.3 (percentage of the inactive players)) / 2] / T }

just an idea.


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Ideas Part II

Postby kiol » 25 Jul 2016, 13:24

The Environment;

I found myselv finding the environment rather booring, not that it didnt look pretty but it had nothing to offer.
And i thought maybe you can integrate the environment into the struggle of survival.

As in the Norther you get the harsher the environment gets,

maybe you loose a certain ammount of Materials out of your storage, e.g. a few daily. This would make the smaller settlements more interesting again.

Maybe you get certain debuffs randomly, like loosing movement speed if you are walking outside paths.

And the Npcs need to either get stronger or more the more you come north, so they can play a role in where you are fighting pvp.


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Re: Ideas and Suggestions part I

Postby dbltnk » 25 Jul 2016, 13:36

Thanks for the feedback! A lot of your clan ideas are already on our to-do list.


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