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Re: US-Serenity Completely Dead...???

Posted: 04 Apr 2017, 17:41
by Nysek
There are still people just not a bunch. For those wanting +8 weapons or +6 armor they are welcome to use the NE settlement as they are open to the public.

To my knowledge the players currently on the server are...

Farmerphill and Marc in Harverd Gentlemen University (spell check)
Red (kinda had to kill him yesterday... Sorry bro but wasn't your fight <3)
4-8 People in Kingdom
I think 2-3 people in Badboygaming
1-2 people in NV.ultra (can't remember the name)
And a few randoms

Think there was a BR guild but idk where they went... Sadly my crew won't buy the game until they get enough PVP consistently.

Re: US-Serenity Completely Dead...???

Posted: 05 Apr 2017, 11:05
by Laughing Mime
Only active from badboygaming by the way, other members left before giving me leader access...shit.

I disagree Lash, some users like me are putting in hours a night and some played 10 mins and quit. Dividing total play time by average play time per user doesn't offer a meaningful stat.

The active players are probably close to what Nysek posted with the occasional new comer who you never see again.