List of Known Issues

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List of Known Issues

Postby Darkstar » 18 Nov 2016, 20:00

Dear Players,

As the name of this thread might give it away, we will provide a list of all the currently known issues in The Exiled in this thread. In a sense this will be an overview where with a single glance you can find out if a potential problem you may have encountered is already known to us. If it is, then this tells you we are working hard on resolving that problem, but also since we are aware of it there is no further need to report it to us.

On the other hand, if you come across any potential problem but you do not see that issue listed here, this probably means we are not aware this issue is happening in the game. In such a case it would be great if you can report it to us, otherwise that problem might go unnoticed. If we don't know it's taking placing, we won't know it needs fixing and it could continue happening in the future.

This is of course work in progress. We will start adding the known issues here sometime soon. But the thread as a whole will be constantly worked on because we plan on updating it as frequently as possible in the future so that it is always up to date and you can check it out at any time to see if a problem you've come across is already reported.

Temporary Solution: Use Recall ability (hotkey: Z). Keep in mind though that your inventory (but not your equipment) will drop on the ground so you might have to go back and pick it up again.
Comment: There is no need to report this every time you get stuck, just do this process. We know some parts of the map have this problem and we are working on it.

Temporary Solution: N/A, cannot get them unstuck at this time.
Comment: We are aware of the problem with both Monsters and Caravans and we are working on resolving it.

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Re: List of Known Issues

Postby Ana » 22 Feb 2017, 17:40

Known issues for the Early Access 1.0 Steam Sneak Preview for Dev Supporters:

  • Not all localization strings are in the game yet and the text layout is broken in a few places.
  • The new in-game UI has some small small layout issues in different places.

  • We are aware of the problem with both Meteorites and Caravans and we are working on resolving it.

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Re: List of Known Issues

Postby dbltnk » 28 Feb 2017, 13:01

Gameplay Problems

  • The respawn system when being ganked close to your bind point is too predictable which leads to players being potentially knocked-out indefinitely.
  • It is not instantly obvious which environment objects players collider with. This can make it hard to traverse dense vegetation.

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