names not loading right.

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names not loading right.

Postby ShogunLeCat » 05 Feb 2017, 22:29

So i downloaded the game from the site (the pathcer) and when i launched the game, i had all the buttons with missed up names like "" and the items were missing their desc only had "items.desc" and such. (I found a dev and he said hes gana look into it but i thought i might just make a post here...)

Anywho. i restarted the game after like 40 mins of gameplay. and when the game launched, everything was in its place. The items had desc and the buttons had the right "name". So am thinking sth happened when the game loaded the first time. (Sth to look into?)

Hope this helps in anyway.

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Re: names not loading right.

Postby DBrazen » 07 Feb 2017, 05:32

Hi ShogunLeCat,

We are currently working on game localization; a few weird stuff may happen during this phase. Please be patient that soon enough everything will be working as it should.

Thanks for your comprehension. And thanks too for sharing your experience with us.


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