LF>guild english or pt-br

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LF>guild english or pt-br

Postby nagazai » 01 Dec 2016, 00:34

looking for a guild that mainly speaks english, my timezone is -3, so its close to north american players, and most south america players as well, but i dont speak spanish that good.
or looking for Pt-Br guild, only Br or i really prefer a guild that speaks english.
im new in this game, but i play mmorpg for 9 years, and mobas for over 3. i know what im doing and i have time to play 10-12 hours a day if i like the game.
u can call me naga or nagazai, ur call.
see you guys in the game

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Re: LF>guild english or pt-br

Postby DBrazen » 01 Dec 2016, 16:58

Hello nagazai,

We have a pt-br forum section where you can find other portuguese speaking players, come have a look.

And I am recruiting people for a pt-br clan as well.

best regards

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