What's your gaming timeline look like?

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What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby PsychoRomeo » 31 Oct 2014, 22:37

I want this to be different than a normal 'what games do you play' list. More like an origin story, or a description of what has influenced your perceptions. I'll go first.

My online gaming career started with Runescape classic when I was thirteen. Suffice to say I had no idea what I was doing but it was a blast. Age of Empires was the 'in' game at the time, and I pulled all my friends away from that to play runescape with me.

Fourteen. Wandered into a LAN hosting computer cafe and saw Ragnarok Online for the first time. This would become my home MMO. At this age I still had no idea what I was doing, but it was awesome. Met my best friend, found love in sPront, and participated in my fair share of guild internal and external conflicts.

Later that year I started getting into Nexon in a big way. Maplestory first, Mabinogi second. In a similar way that Twilight has inspired many people to become authors, Nexon inspired me to become a game designer. I saw everything that Nexon did wrong and wanted to do it right.

Fast forward 4 years. Ragnarok and Mabinogi permeate the list but big stops include D2 ladder races, Starcraft, CoH/V. Having played and derived the most enjoyment from Ragnarok, Mabinogi, and D2, I grew to really dislike cooldowns. They are the invisible walls of combat. You should dislike them too.

At about eighteen I started to experiment with the underground gaming scene more. Started studying game design in college, and grew to love simultaneous turn resolution and hate collectible card games. My gaming resume at this time includes things like Minecraft (of which I was an admin for a rather large server for about 2 years), Mount and Blade, X3, Killing Floor, among others. Lots of SSBB with my roommates, too. A good friend of mine is behind a pretty significant brawl mod called Unstoppabrawl. Cooperative multiplayer really stuck with me.

Approaching the early twenties now and the world took a turn for the survival sandbox; so did I. Things like Haven and Hearth was a big hit for me. Started doing some really fun things with Ragnarok private servers with a pair of buddies. We would join a brand new server, level and gear up crucial characters (we knew our shit) and hit the PvP/GvG scene within a week. Proceeded to assert our superiority on all other players. My favorite story was where it was the 3 of us versus 19 enemy Filipinos (disclaimer, I apologize on behalf of my race for being so distasteful and belligerent). First I went in, froze everyone, then the Assassin went in and started working down the castle heart, then the wizard went in, and we just waltzed past everyone and locked them out of the castle heart room. The GMs were watching and auto leveled some characters and started playing against us, because we were kicking so much ass. Literally took their castle hostage. Did this a few more times across a handful of servers. We would deem ourselves victorious when we got banned for being too powerful.

Life goes on, so does college. Then everything changed when the Dwarf Fortress attacked.
I absolutely cannot tell you enough about this game. If you have 2 weeks to kill and like the roguelike and resource management genre, Dwarf Fortress is the game for you. Realism unparalleled. Depth unmatched. Seriously. You do not know fear until Urist McAxeLord loses his temper in the dining hall.

Then we have now. Slowly leaving early twenties and approaching mid twenties. Got my degree and have not been able to handle the WoWification of MMOs everywhere. I watched in horror as my beloved Ragnarok succumbed to the poison that is the modern MMO mantra. The disease that is Nexon consumed the elegant Mabinogi and the graceful Vindictus. My degree under belt and my devotion to old school Ragnarok, Mabinogi, and Vindictus has left me crippled. I started to get into the indie development scene, hoping to spread my influence to push the MMO genre in a new direction. Notable titles include Ensemble Online and Age of Ascent, both in which I'm kind of a well known bona-fied badass. I am a gamer in waiting to games such as Sui Generis and Starbound, two of which I have high hopes for. Das Tal is entering the picture, though I don't know if I have my Sundays free until I change jobs next month.

As for the future, next year I plan on undertaking a major project involving hosting a Ragnarok Online server. I want to heavily tweak and mod it and give it a bit of a facelift. Notable mechanics I want to bring to the picture are a more realistic drop rate and inventory management system (you can pick up at once maybe 4 swords before becoming overburdened, and if an enemy holds a sword, they'll drop it), a very straight forward grindless leveling system (if you can beat a level 54 monster, congratulations you're level 54), and a robust and iconic guild system (only guild leaders can job change to the highest class advancement, and huge bonuses for members of the same base class in a guild).

Anyway, that's where I come from. Where do you come from?
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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby dbltnk » 01 Nov 2014, 12:05

Nice post. I'll have to make this quick because it's 11 AM and I'm supposed to be at a game jam right now - instead I'm trolling the forums and doing customer support emails. =D

Early stuff was LAN parties: CS, DoD, UT, Q3.

Then about 18 months in UO: I was the biggest carebear noob ever to be seen. Shiny armor and all. Running naked through Buc's Den Fel to not lose my shit. =D

Then Shadowbane for a long time, through three different betas (US, Asia, EU) over a dozen servers for something like 5 years or so. Always in a small clan, one of my biggest moments also was a 2 vs. 20 situation where we played an unarmed and a bow scout and decimated a huge zerg.

Shadowbane closed/dien down and I tried every other MMO under this sky. Spent some time in AoC, DF, EVE but nothing ever really did it for me.

Decided to start making games about 6 years ago. Broadened the kind of games a lot. Everything from single-players story stuff like Gone Home over twitchy Platformers like Super Mega Joy to all kinds of mobile, online, social and whatever games.

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby hagish » 02 Nov 2014, 23:44

My first MMO was ultima online. But during that time internet was expensive. As a student I could not afford it and my parents where not willing to pay 10h internet each day :). I'm not sure when I stopped playing it. A lot later I meet a developer how was working on an open source ultima online 3d client (iris3d). Sadly the project was quite inactive and so we resurrected it and did a rewrite. This was my 2nd UO phase. This time with internet and on freeshards. I think I spent more time developing that playing :)

Between these 2 UO phases I tried other MMOs but nothing really sticked. I remember Raknarok Online on a EU server and EVE Online. But EURO RO was to grindy and EVE took far too much time. This was somewhere between school and university.

During university I started playing GuildWars 1. Most of the time PvP (random arena, team arena, GvG) and sometimes the PvE part. Although I did not live at my parents house nearly my whole family started play GW1. So sometimes I went farming the underworld with my mother %). Just installed the game. My account is still there :). It is ten years old and has 1835h playtime (just checked).

After GW1 I tried several MMOs but they where either to time consuming or I did not like them (eg. running to stupid quest markers). GW1 was the last MMO that really got me. In the "near past" there is only LoL. But only "all random" because it is a little bit like the arena modes in GW1.

I played other games too. Most of them where platformers but not exclusively.

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Emissary » 11 Nov 2014, 12:57

I would really like to see this thread grow more, a gaming timeline is an interesting look into what has shaped peoples' preferences etc.

As for myself, the first game I ever played was called Xargon on MS DOS. Still remember the audio from that game so clearly! Along with that, some other DOS sidescrollers like Duke Nukem.

I was Sega (Sonic), then Playstation (Crash Bandicoot) through the console wars, then made the mistake of getting a Gamecube because of my love for Super Smash Bros. on the 64 that my friend had.

After that disappointment I swapped to PC for good, and got heavily into FPS games (MoH, CoD, CS: Source) and a few basic RTS and the like (Age of Empires + Mythology, HoM&M).

It was single player RPG's like Fable that made me see the amazing depth possible in games and led me toward that sort of experience over the twitch shooters. Which lead me to my first MMO, WoW.

Yes, WoW took my MMO virginity. I have to say, whatever people have to say WoW, back then it was an amazing game. Vanilla and BC were like nothing I could have ever thought to experience in games. Perhaps that is the feeling of first experiencing an MMO and not WoW itself, regardless WoW holds a special place in my gaming past, as much as I may personally dislike the road the franchise has gone down.

Once I could level no more characters to max and gave up hoping that Blizzard would not return the game to its former glory, I started looking for something I could enjoy again and honestly didn't find something for a long time. I bounced from MMO's and single player games but nothing really filled the gap.

Then only a few years ago I got into Dota 2. I had checked out the mod for WC3 when it was around, but I think I was a bit young and hated it. Dota 2 seemed to combine the competitiveness I used to enjoy in FPS with the fantasy vibe and co-operation I loved in WoW and RTS (I was very carebear in WoW).

I sunk hours into Dota 2, I figured it out the at some point and it was something absurd like 3 months worth of hours. But then, again, I got the feeling like I needed something else. I missed the scale of MMO's.

Sandboxes became more common, and I dabbled in a few - from DayZ to Planet Explorers, and then Mortal Online. More recently I have checked out EVE, Archeage, DarkFall: UW. Nothing has really taken me. I feel like the Sandbox genre is kind of teetering on the edge of falling into its correct place. Games like Archeage are trying, but from what I can tell Trion has goofed the publication. A lot of people are waiting for the defining title to show what Sandboxes can be. Some people think it might be Camelot Unchained, which I am certainly going to check out. We at Fairytale Distillery are obviously setting our sights on making our mark on this identity search also.

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Zoltariel » 16 May 2015, 02:02

I remember being quite young watching my dad play Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. I think it was around 4 or 5 years old when I picked the controller up myself and started playing. Biggest memory is around 10 still playing the Nintendo NES and later getting the Playstation playing games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

As I got older perhaps around 14 I would mess with The Sims and Diablo 2 plus just really everything on console. I loved Harvest Moon, Fable, Star Ocean, and Legend of Dragoon.

When I was about 17 World of Warcraft released and I picked a copy of that up.. honestly not really sure what an MMORPG was at the time and just installed it on the really horrible family computer we had. I lagged a lot but I just thought that was normal. Eventually I got a laptop of my own that could handle WoW and I ended up raiding for many years slowly learning and checking out new MMOs in the process.

Current day and time I feel pretty well rounded and educated in mostly everything to release post WoW and I have dabbled in some older MMOs I missed. Now I don't really have an MMO I call home. I do play swtor with my husband and just mess around in random games.

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby grayfox » 17 May 2015, 13:58

my first ever expierence with gaming started with the ps1 15 years ago (was around 6 years old). I used to watch my father play metal gear solid and resident evil. After a while i started playing metal gear and crash games (bandicoot , team racing , crash bash etc). This was the beginning of my gaming career.

After that at around 9 years old i bought the ps2 and started playing on it (not much to say here :P) and couple years later my friend told me that there was this online game where you can craft armour chop trees , mining etc (yes im talking about runescape!) and i started playing runescape for 2 years and i really enjoyed it.

after that , i started my first competitive career with enemy territory . Been playing it for 2-3 years before switching completly to cod2.

Other than the generic games like cod2 , cod4 , runescape and dota , I played starcraft2 c&c generals red alert 2 and others.

Played alot of single player games and coop games too and i can say that i tried every genre of games that there is. As it is now i enjoy many types of games like stealth , rpg , rts , open world games , horror games even though i end up scared in a corner crying and never finishing the game :P (yes amnesia and penumbra im talking about you mostly :P)

I can say that i expierenced many types of games and that i have knowledge on many genre and what makes them good and bad etc.
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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Infamy » 19 May 2015, 19:52

Being 15, mine is quite short.
Sub-10, I wasn't allowed anything except "learning" games.
Then I found ROBLOX and the programming within it, and fell in love with it (I still play it, and am pretty known on there.)
From there, a friend told me about Maplestory, and I got hooked on it.
I played off an on for around 3 years, before Minecraft.

Minecraft I got absolutely addicted to, and played it actively, every day for another 1 - 2 years.
I moved between two main servers, names not really important.

From there I went back to Maplestory for a bit, and then back to ROBLOX.
I've tried getting in to MMOs in the past, but it's never really worked.
I'd like to start playing WoW/EVE, but it seems more a waste of time than anything.
I'd much prefer working on Python lie I'm currently doing, and learning C after that.

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Emissary » 19 May 2015, 23:59

Glad you guys got back onto this thread, probably my favourite on the forums! Anyone who takes a look here, drop your own story, even if it is only quick :)

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Rptro » 20 May 2015, 08:47

My gaming career started with the N64 and the PC. On the N64 it was mostly Pokemon and Space Station Silicon Valley. On the PC I played child-friendly games in the beginning but also started playing GTA2 and Serious Sam. I think GTA is one of my most played franchises. Later I found Jagged Alliance 2 which I started a hundred times but never really finished.

My online gaming started with Battlefield 2 what I played with my fathers friends a lot. Later it changed to CoD4. I also spend a good amount of time into Cabal Online which was my first MMO. After Cabal I tried out several others but they could never hold me.
I tested out all different genres there are but in that time shooter were the ones I played most. I got a PSP and played Monster Hunter for Hours. Then Minecraft came and I played it with friends but I never jumped onto the hype train.

Quite some time later I picked up Oblivion and felt horribly lost in this world in which I had no clue where to start. Of course I knew the open world do-what-you-want-style from GTA or Just Cause but Oblivion was completely different. I felt really strange at the beginning but after some time I started to like it.

I think I started playing League of Legends in 2012 and since then I never stopped for too long. I think for the first time I really liked the competition in a game and being better than someone else. Biggest minus was the part of the community flaming at people and putting them down. I got really angry with those guys. It got better over the years but is still far away from perfect.

So a little summary of the games which will always have a place in my heart: GTA Vice City, Jagged Alliace 2, Battlefield 2, Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Hitman, League of Legends
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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby Kenpokiller » 29 May 2015, 18:05

Could list the whole series of games on all consoles but meh, I listed the most notable games.

Shoot em ups
Airplane arcades

DOS - Dick Tracy.
SNES - Dick tracy
WIN95 - Some game that came with my leo's

Metal gear solid, all day, all night
Plethora of epic PS1 games

back to PC
All the RTS games
Total War series
Diablo (hardcore mode ; )
Runescape (classic)
CS1.5 -> 1.6 (fek I miss ez bunnyhopping)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
UE3 engine
Wolfenstein Enemy territory
Rise of the Triad

Nolifed runescape for another decade
Found War of Conquest and made a few grand on that game in meanwhile :D
War of Conquest died.

Realized i've been programming and making mods/maps/models/characters just like that

Bought a PSP and started getting into custom firmware, moar programming and crossplatform


Get into betatesting

Went on a scavenge for full loot PvP

darkfall unholy wars
diablo 2 (again)
path of exile
Planetside (2)
earthrise - Yeah still waiting...
the repopulation - Yeah still waiting...
eve online - Reminded me of atari asteroids
shores of hazeron
neocron 2
Linkrealm: Rise of the Phoenix
shards online

Discovered UE4 and the beautiful games it's bringing forth.
Tried not to fap
Working with UE4 and betatesting dem games
->List all spacegames coming out ATM<-
->Huge list of alpha/beta/dead games here<-

Supernova (i'm Bandai Namcos biggest fanboiiiiii)
Victory Command (Mixes RTS beautifully)
Games of Glory
Dark Nexus Arena

And I just got into World of Warships. Since I was an avid Silent Hunter 3 player (AKA submarine captain XD).

Now i'm here


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