What's your gaming timeline look like?

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby FortysixLoD » 09 Nov 2015, 17:06

dbltnk wrote:Nice post. I'll have to make this quick because it's 11 AM and I'm supposed to be at a game jam right now - instead I'm trolling the forums and doing customer support emails. =D

Early stuff was LAN parties: CS, DoD, UT, Q3.

Then about 18 months in UO: I was the biggest carebear noob ever to be seen. Shiny armor and all. Running naked through Buc's Den Fel to not lose my shit. =D

Then Shadowbane for a long time, through three different betas (US, Asia, EU) over a dozen servers for something like 5 years or so. Always in a small clan, one of my biggest moments also was a 2 vs. 20 situation where we played an unarmed and a bow scout and decimated a huge zerg.

Shadowbane closed/dien down and I tried every other MMO under this sky. Spent some time in AoC, DF, EVE but nothing ever really did it for me.

Decided to start making games about 6 years ago. Broadened the kind of games a lot. Everything from single-players story stuff like Gone Home over twitchy Platformers like Super Mega Joy to all kinds of mobile, online, social and whatever games.

This was exactly me minus carebear mode in UO, and I never got a chance to play Shadowbane. All I played was UO, even after Tram. :(

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Re: What's your gaming timeline look like?

Postby dbltnk » 09 Nov 2015, 18:00

Never played SB? That gives me the official right to call you "youngster" from now on. =D

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