Kickstarter Campaign for Project Gorgon took three tries for success!

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Kickstarter Campaign for Project Gorgon took three tries for success!

Postby Theomancer » 17 Aug 2015, 07:15

Hey guys!

It's been quiet around here, I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to draw attention to a game "Project Gorgon" on Kickstarter right now. I'm not a backer, and I'm not drawing attention to back it. Instead, I just wanted to point out the history.

Project Gorgon had a Kickstarter campaign way, way back in 2012, seeking $55k, and they only made it up to $15. ... y-veterans

Then in 2014, they tried again, instead shooting for $100k -- but this time still only made it up to 23k. ... ch-to-mmos

But now, in 2015, they have a current live campaign and aimed for $20k, and are already now up to 47k. ... gon-pc-mmo

Maybe it was the extra development time? Maybe better publicity? Taking extra time for the game to seep into the back of everyone's head, before putting it into the spotlight? Maybe a better presentation/marketing video for their pitch?

Anyway, I just wanted to draw attention to it as an example of a game and vision that took a solid THREE tries before it finally hit its target audience with the right recipe.

Long live Das Tal!

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Re: Kickstarter Campaign for Project Gorgon took three tries for success!

Postby dbltnk » 17 Aug 2015, 07:33

Hey Theo,

thanks for the update on Gorgon. Been following it for a while (backed both earlier KS campaigns) - it's a great game if you love PvE and other weird things.

I did not know they got so much money committed already. I was quite sad that they went down to $20k - assuming it would not get much more. 47k is already quite respectable - let's see where the campaign goes. Maybe it is true and Kickstarter is only really useful anymore when people get the feeling that they're backing a winning horse - even if for this to happen you have to set your core goal very low.

Anyways: I'll take this as a data point for when we come to the point where we decide on our next steps of launching the game. I did not have a KS campaign in my plan for after 24/7 - but maybe it still makes sense. I'll keep you posted when we make progress on this.


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