Patch Notes: February 6th 2016

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Patch Notes: February 6th 2016

Postby dbltnk » 05 Feb 2016, 15:19 ... y-6th-2016

New Features

Added the Opportunities system to advertise game features to new players.
Added the Equipment Drop Chance system to protect newbies from too much gear loss.
Added Practice Dummies to the game so you can try out new abilities easily.
Added a Clan Leader role that has the power to invite and kick clan members and disband the clan.
Added a new Clan Elections system that allows clans to vote for a new leader at any time.

Balancing Changes

Added a small but significant power increase to player-crafted equipment.
Tweaked the balancing values for equipment stat modifications in the workshop.
Added a new bow ability: Pestilent Shot (replaces Charging Shot)
Reduced mana costs all over the board.
Tweaked the way that Blink’s range scales with ability levels.
Meditate now removes all buffs and debuffs from the caster.
Massively increased Incinerate, Earth Wall, Explosive Trap and Gravity Well duration.
Aggressive Leap no longer allows you to teleport through walls.
Totem’s Revitalise and Healing Totem buffs have been increased.
Ghost Form now increases magic damage received and scales with ability levels.
Hook Shot’s teleport range now gets affected by the target’s determination.

Visual Changes

Improved the visual effects for: Muck, Sweep, Sacrifical Sweep, Shatter, Ravage, Ghost Form.
Changed the display of attributes to allow for more precision.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that allowed the creation of characters with weird names.
Fixed a bug that prevented the respect gain from defeating the dictator to show up in the leaderboards.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Meditation animation to show.
Fixed a bug where the stun effect would be on your character for ever.

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