Patch Notes: February 21st 2016

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Patch Notes: February 21st 2016

Postby dbltnk » 20 Feb 2016, 12:26 ... -21st-2016

New Features
Added the “Caravan Raid” event. Caravans are now starting out from resource camps every 10 minutes. They carry the same kinds of resources. Raid them to get their content. Clans with both settlements and resource camps are advised to defend their caravans as they will gain a hefty resource bonus if their caravans arrive unscathed.
Added Pack Animals to the game. They will follow you around and carry your loot for you. But be aware that they can be easily stolen by other players - their loyalties are quite fickle.
Clan leaders can now give Recruiter Status (invite rights) to other clan members.
Tweaked crafting opportunities to suggest equipment that you can actually use.

Balancing Changes

Increased the skill levels you can reach at the newbie dojos (2 -> 5) and neutral dojo (4 -> 10).
Miner mobs have been renamed to Revenants.

Visual Changes
New VFX for: Pestilent Shot, Ensnaring Shot, Hook Shot, Bow Swing.
Re-designed the Jailor mob camps with new environment assets.

Usability Changes
Add new map icons to better distinguish different event locations.
Added opportunities for caravan raids and the world map in general.
Added new hints to the loading screen.
The world map now shows the location of your cursor in the bottom right.

Misc Changes

Improved the F3 bug report menu to now send error logs if possible.
F3 bug report screen shots are now compressed as JPGs to save bandwith.
Added a first version of a semi-automatic generated minimap.

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