Patch Notes 1.1

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Patch Notes 1.1

Postby Ana » 20 Mar 2017, 14:57


These are the Patch Notes for the version 1.1 that will be updated on March 23rd 2017. Please check out our list of known issues before playing and reporting bugs.

These Patch Notes are available on the following languages:

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To know the details of this update, please look at the list below:

  • Party System: You can now form parties with other players you meet in the game. That means you can share XP and see each other on the world map without having to be in the same clan (or any clan). Party members will also (like clan members) be preferred target for support abilities like heals.
  • Diplomacy System: Clan leaders and managers can now add other clans to a "friend" and "enemy" lists. Clan members will then see those friend and enemy tags and be able to easily recognize your clan's status with another clan. These tags are NOT visible to anyone outside of your clan. They are one-directional (the other clan can choose a different status for you).
  • The Healer: Added the Healer (Cloth) armor class to the game with lots of new abilities. The healer is still work-in-progress and will be balanced based on your feedback. It comes with a new ability type - links - that should open a lot more gameplay options for team-players who like a supportive playstyle.


Balancing Changes
  • Addressed the "gank ping pong" problem where players could be kept KO for unlimited amounts of times:
    1.) You can now only be ganked one time while KO after having been knocked out.
    2.) When ganked close to your bind point you will spawn at a randomly selected bind point, not always at the same one.
  • Added storage containers to player-owned workshops.
  • Reduced the effect of playtime on the player ranking system (Image).
  • Made sure that more white and black pigments drop in the game world, especially for new players.

Usability Changes
  • Added a "camera lock" option to the control menu ( J ) that centers the camera on your character, disregarding mouse movement.
  • Added a new settings menu ( ESC ) and moved all settings there plus the option to exit the game.
  • Streamlined the layout of the control settings menu.
  • Unified the character name and map marker colors for your character (white), clan members (green) and party members (teal).
  • Added a "open to everybody" button so you can easily share meteorites and carcassess with other players.
  • Clan and party invites now require one click, removed the need to press ( ESC ).
  • All hotkeys in info texts are now highlighted in green.
  • Added a help text that explains the ranking system (Image) the first time it appears.
  • Clan and party members are now visible anywhere on the world map, even in unexplored areas.

Visual and Audio Changes
  • Added more exploration music to the game, tied to the swamp biome.

Performance Changes
  • Improved audio performance through streaming.

  • Fixed a bug where a loot window would flicker many times when walking away from a mob's corpse.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed your character list as empty even though you had one or more characters.
  • Fixed a bug that showed the "error 418" popup unnecessarily often to some players.
  • Made sure that players could not get stuck outside of the world map.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the fame reward thumbnails in the customize menu from showing sometimes.
  • Fixed a lot of small localization and UI issues.
  • Fixed a bug where even at 0% volume voice chat was still audible.

Thank you for supporting The Exiled, do not hesitate to share your feedback with us!

The Exiled Team

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Re: Patch Notes 1.1

Postby Logain » 20 Mar 2017, 17:49

How does one group up?

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Re: Patch Notes 1.1

Postby Viper Killer » 21 Mar 2017, 10:44

you mean Clan Diplomacy, maybe now leader and co leader can handle it in clan menu.

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Re: Patch Notes 1.1

Postby hagish » 21 Mar 2017, 11:36

Grouping is similar to the clan handling. Open the party menu and invite by character name. Every party member can invite new people to the party.

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