Steam Early Access!

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Steam Early Access!

Postby Ana » 17 Jan 2017, 13:52


We're launching on Steam on February 23rd!

Hello everybody,

Two years ago, more than 4500 of you helped us blast through Steam Greenlight. In those two years you've asked us when we'll launch on Steam. Our answer has always been: When the game is ready for it. I've got good news: It's nearly ready!

On February 23rd 2017 we will launch The Exiled on Steam via the Early Access program. From that day on you'll enjoy all the benefits of Steam, including a lightning-fast, rock-solid game updater and one-click password-free login.

This also means that from that date on we'll run The Exiled as a live game that is online 24/7 for everybody. You will not have to wait for Alpha invites and Alpha tests anymore - you can just get the game and play whenever you want.

Our payment model is dead simple: Everybody will get to play The Exiled for free for seven days. To continue playing from this point on you need to buy a Supporter Pack that will allow you to continue playing the game as long as you want to.

As before, there will be three different Supporter Packs at three different price points: €19,99 ($19.99), €36,99 ($39.99) and €73,99 ($79.99). All of these packs give you full access to the game. The bigger ones will give you some great additional visual customization options for your characters and other goodies. None of them grant any form of in-game power.

We are currently working on a Sneak Preview of the Steam client for our existing Dev Supporters. In the coming weeks before the launch we will send you Steam keys that already grant you access to the Steam version of the game so you can give us early feedback.

So yes, go ahead and check out our Steam page and make sure to add The Exiled to your wishlist so you get notified on launch day!

This information is available on the following languages:

Is your language not listed? Would you like to contribute? Click here!

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Steam Early Access!

Postby Ana » 17 Jan 2017, 13:57


Can I buy or pre-order The Exiled right now?
No. In order to prepare the Steam launch we have turned off our old shop system. But make sure to wishlist the game on Steam so you can start playing with us on day one.

Can I keep on using my Alpha account after the Steam launch?
No. In order to launch on Steam we will wipe all existing game accounts and their challenge/fame progress. You will create a new account using your Steam key. Alpha keys will no longer be valid.

What exactly will be the rewards for the different Supporter Packs?
They'll be a combination of what you have seen in our old Dev Supporter Packs plus a bunch of new gadgets for you to play with and to look at. We'll announce the details as we get closer to our launch date. And yes, there still is no pay-to-win in our game: None of them grant any form of in-game power.

As an existing Dev Supporter, do I get access to all new rewards?
Yes. Existing Dev Supporters will keep all their existing rewards (such as titles and skins) and they will additionally get granted new rewards of the equivalent new packs.

Will the character names I saved as a Dev Support transfer to Steam?
Yes. But you will need to add the character names once when starting the game for the first time to migrate them to your new Steam account.

Will there be local (lower) price points for markets like Russia and Brazil?
Yes. We are working with Steam to make sure that every region gets a price point that fits their normal game prices in their local currency.

Will The Exiled also launch on other stores like GOG or Humble?
Not at this time. We are focussing on our Steam launch right now. Once that is over we'll think about different store fronts based on your feedback.

What languages will The Exiled launch on Steam on?
Our team is currently working on translations for six languages French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. Do you want to play The Exiled in another language? Then apply to be part of our translation team.

What other changes to the game will you make before launching on Steam?
That will be part of another blog post. Stay tuned.

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Steam Early Access!

Postby Sparrow421 » 17 Jan 2017, 20:13

I made this post on the steam page for the game but decided to put it here to. Im happy to see a release date for the game but i am concerned about the "free for 7 days model"

As much as i like the idea on paper, im very concerned this is going to earn the game a lot of negative reviews from people who dont like the niche.

There are alot of cry babies when it comes to full loot / open pvp type games and allowing everyone access to review the game without any sort of paywall to block out the trolls may mean trouble for the game.

I know there is Steam refunds and you can still get negatives but atleast there is some form of wall that requires potential players to atleast do minor research before being allowed to review it.

I really enjoy the concept of this game and dont want to see it fail.

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Steam Early Access!

Postby Timeraider » 17 Jan 2017, 20:58

Here is the thread btw.. and yeah.. added my opinion to it to. Free for 7 days is the kinda shit people that just graduated from commercial business that have never played games come up with, any developer should see the doom hanging over them.

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Steam Early Access!

Postby seyfer110 » 17 Jan 2017, 22:09

I've understood that my account will be wiped, that's ok and quite obvious; BUT, since I had already an alpha account, do I need to Buy the game? O.o

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Re: Steam Early Access!

Postby Weacko » 18 Jan 2017, 11:52

Hello seyfer110,

You don't need to buy the game again if you've already purchased a Supporter Pack. If you got access to the Alpha Tests thanks to an Alpha Key, then you'll need to buy the game (you still get to play the game for seven days for free), since Alpha Keys won't be valid anymore.
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Re: Steam Early Access!

Postby Viper Killer » 20 Jan 2017, 13:13

When are you guys going to give stream access key to your supporters? servers are live but still did not get the key.

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Re: Steam Early Access!

Postby bloodysss » 24 Jan 2017, 09:15

Why this game is not now in steam?

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Re: Steam Early Access!

Postby Logain » 24 Jan 2017, 16:04

Viper Killer wrote:When are you guys going to give stream access key to your supporters? servers are live but still did not get the key.

Since it goes live on the 23rd of February, I suppose we're going to get our keys around the 10th. Shouldn't require that much time to test that out.

bloodysss wrote:Why this game is not now in steam?

Because they are preparing the Steam launch right now and have to make sure everything works properly once it goes live? It hasn't been on Steam since it's Kickstarter days two years ago, so one more month won't kill us ;)

I seriously hope that once the game goes live on Steam a few more people are going to play it and kill their time. It makes me sad to read I'm the only of the Chronicles of Elyria following to play it, despite the large overlap. ~sighs~

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Re: Steam Early Access!

Postby bloodysss » 26 Jan 2017, 09:17

now it is 26 january...and no so far steam

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