[US Winter] - Leviathan! #1

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[US Winter] - Leviathan! #1

Postby Lo-Taren » 05 Dec 2016, 00:25


About us:
We are an International Gaming Community that has just started to test this game out, we are spread across many different games but this one has peaked my interest as Albion is a dead game until launch. If anyone is looking for a group of active and organised PvPers hit me up.

Discord Installed (https://discordapp.com/)
Over 16
No Morals when it comes to PvP
Be Active in the game or community

How to Join.

The fastest way would be to enter our Recruitment Discord: https://discord.gg/DnFPPNJ or you could reply to this thread I should check it every now and then.


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